J.G. Jones

J. G. Jones is an American comic book artist, known for his work on titles such as Wanted and Final Crisis.

JG Jones piddling around in comics for over twenty years, knocking around first for a number of years with a number of smaller companies before making the jump up to the majors at Marvel and DC, producing a variety of projects, both interior art and covers.

Jones’ cover work on includes such titles as Wonder Woman, Y: The Last man, Batman and Robin, The Avengers, and all 52 covers for the weekly series 52 for DC Comics, and many, many more.

Jones’ interior credits include: Black Widow, Marvel Boy and Final Crisis with writer Grant Morrison, Wonder Woman: The Hiketeia by Greg Rucka, Before Watchmen: The Comedian with Brian Azzarello, oh, and a little book called WANTED with Mark Millar.

Jones is currently working on several projects, in addition to producing monthly covers for a variety of titles.

"When the Wanted comic is translated to film, it will be Jones' art that guides much of the tone -- something that shouldn't be a huge stretch because the artist said he approaches his work cinematically anyway."
J.G. Jones is an American comic book artist. He is best known for his work as cover artist on various comic book series, including a stint on Brian K. Vaughan's Y: The Last Man (Vertigo Comics), and, for DC Comics, the six-issue mini series "Villains United" written by Gail Simone, as well as all 52 covers for the maxi-series 52.

Jones' interior art credits include: "Wonder Woman: The Hiketeia" (pencils only) written by Greg Rucka, and Mark Millar's Wanted (pencils and inks) published by Top Cow.
"Superman, Batman, Reed Richards, Indiana Jones, James Bond and even Buckaroo Banzai -- these and many other pop culture icons were inspired at least in part by Doc Savage. But beyond creations on the printed page, silver screen and more, the Man of Bronze motivated a generation of creators, as well. One of those creators, J.G. Jones, is about to fulfill a fantasy he's held since he was a young boy growing up in Walker, Louisiana."