Hit Girl

Writer/Co-Creator: Mark Millar
Artist/Co-Creator: John Romita Jr.


Hit-Girl spins off into her own blood-soaked saga! Mindy McCready tries to settle into life as a regular school-girl, but wants nothing more to be dispensing hot justice to the scum of New York City. Her mother thinks she's doing her homework, but in reality she's taken Kick-Ass on as her sidekick and training him up to punch, shoot and stab ... just like Daddy would have wanted. And in return, Kick-Ass is helping her learn to survive middle school - without spilling anyone's blood. But when Kick-Ass gets benched, leaving Mindy to take on the mafia solo, even Hit-Girl may be in over her head. Meanwhile, Red Mist pursues his goal of becoming a super-villain ... and faces a final test of his own.

"Hit-Girl, written by Kick-Ass and Kick-Ass 2 creator Mark Miller, and illustrated beautifully by co-creator John Romita Jr is the prequel to Kick-Ass 2, setting up many of the events and fleshing out what happened after the events of the first Kick-Ass comic. Be warned, full plot spoilers and details from the seriess follow, and may also spoil elements of the upcoming film, Kick-Ass 2."

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"The popular cussing child assassin gets her own blood soaked mini series from "Kick-Ass" collaborators Mark Millar and John Romita Jr."

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Mark Millar and John Romita return for yet another instalment from the hyper-violent "real" world of Kick-Ass."

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"Mark Millar famously stuck to his guns when it came to bringing "Kick-Ass" supporting characterHit-Girl to the big screen, foul mouth intact, and the gamble has paid off. The Middle School girl assassin has proven to be the breakout character from the creator-owned comic turned film, and as "Kick-Ass 2" continued to be the top-selling indie title in comics, the writer and co-creator John Romita, Jr. looked to capitalize on Mindy McCready's story both for its popularity and for their own reasons."
Kick-Ass is a pretty cool guy, but you can’t deny the comics and the movie are ten times better because of Hit-Girl. She might not look like a threat, but when she opens that mouth and starts spinning those weapons, you better watch out. That, ladies and gentlemen, is just one of the many reasons you and everyone else loves them some Hit-Girl.
"With "Hit-Girl" #1 in stores this week, the series writer promised that the world of Kick-Ass would find more depth -- particularly when it came to series villain Red Mist."