WIRED MAGAZINE previews Chrononauts #2

It's not easy creating a media empire -- just ask comic and movie maven Mark Millar. Since WIRED.co.uk last spoke with the writer and producer, when he launched his 2012 criminals-on-tour series Supercrooks, he's overseen the sequel to Kick-Ass, the live-action Kingsman, launched six comic series, and had two babies.

Formerly a mainstay at Marvel, in recent years Millar has focussed on creator-owned work published under his 'Millarworld' umbrella. His latest is Chrononauts, a series following rogue time travellers, with art by Sean Murphy. We catch up with the writer to discuss the comic -- with an exclusive first look at the second issue's art -- the changing state of the publishing business, and his overlapping roles in both the comics and movie industries.

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Published at March 20, 2015

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