Why We Needed 'Logan' to Kill the Modern Superhero Movie

It started with the title – a simple name, not Wolverine IV, or the X-man's handle with an overblown subtitle attached to it, or even something akin to The Wolverine, which included a definite article lest you confuse him with other sharp-clawed mutant superheroes. Then came the first trailer, a stark preview set to Johnny Cash's version of "Hurt." There was no "in a world ..." narration, no giant robots, no costumes; Patrick Stewart's Charles Xavier briefly showed up, as did a mysterious man bandaged up like Claude Rains and someone who was clearly a bad guy, Otherwise, there were no other X-men in site. Rather than a big city being used as a battleground, we got a desolate, abandoned power station that might have been down the road from Fury Road. Hugh Jackman had a full beard. You could tell this would be different. The whole thing felt funereal from the get-go.

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Published at March 07, 2017

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