The Witch Director Is Remaking A Classic Horror Movie

As long as people have been making movies, they have used the medium to utterly terrify audiences. The early years of filmmaking are marked by some of the creepiest silent films ever created, and few have ever matched the terror induced by F.W. Murnau's Nosferatu. Now it seems that The Witch's Robert Eggers will soon take a crack at the classic horror story.

During a recent appearance on the Filmmaker Toolkit podcast (via Collider), Robert Eggers officially revealed that he has been tapped to tackle a remake of Nosferatuas his next big project. The remake has actually been in development for quite some time, and although Eggers had not initially intended on taking the project in the near future, he felt compelled to do it in order to ensure that another filmmaker wouldn't mishandle the material. Speaking out about the project, Eggers admitted a deep-seated love for the original Nosferatu, and he intends to do something different with the material -- something that will not impede upon the work done by F.W. Murnau and Max Schreck.

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Published at November 13, 2016

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