The Mummy: director Alex Kurtzman didn’t make the film for critics

With estimates suggesting that The Mummy is likely to lose just shy of $100m for Universal once all the cash is duly counted, it goes to cement the fact that this isn’t the launch for the studio’s Dark Universe project that it’d been hoping for. The film’s box office has been decent, but not great. Furthermore, the critical reaction to the movie wasn’t very positive at all.

Director Alex Kurtzman, who is also one of the architects of the Dark Universe, has been asked about the critical reaction. He’s tended to maintain a stance of saying he doesn’t read reviews, but when Business Insider put them to him – and it’s important to state that he was asked directly about this, rather than having a Dwayne Johnson-style Twitter blast – he admitted “obviously, that’s disappointing to hear”.

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Published at June 21, 2017

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