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Mark Millar teases his first comic for Netflix Read More
Published about 1 month ago
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Behind The Scenes Photos From Captain America: Civil War That Every Fan Should See

Often, what you see on a screen when it comes to Hollywood blockbusters is not at all what the initial footage looked like. Read More
Published 2 months ago

Netflix buys Millarworld!

Mr Millar started Millarworld as a creator-owned comic-book company nearly 15 years ago. Read More
Published 4 months ago
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Red Band Kingsman 2 Trailer Is Violent, Vulgar, And Very Funny

"Brains, skills... skipping rope?" Read More
Published 5 months ago
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Matthew Vaughn Says Third ‘Kingsman’ Film Already Planned

British director Matthew Vaughn revealed Friday that he has a third “Kingsman” film planned Read More
Published 7 months ago
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'Kingsman: The Golden Circle' Partners With Old Forester For Truly Unique Movie Marketing

When Kingsman: The Secret Service hit theaters in 2014, it was a fantastic surprise for everyone Read More
Published 8 months ago
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Starlight: Sylvester Stallone Eyed For Mark Millar Comic Adaptation

Twentieth Century Fox is eying Sylvester Stallone to star in an adaptation of Mark Millar’s Starlight Read More
Published 8 months ago

Mark Millar’s journey from Glasgow to Gotham

Mark Millar could never have imagined comics would have him rubbing shoulders with Hollywood A-listers Read More
Published 8 months ago
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Kingsman 2: The Golden Circle trailer

The new trailer is here!! Read More
Published 8 months ago
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Kingsman: The Golden Circle teaser trailer - WATCH first look at sequel

KINGSMAN: THE GOLDEN CIRCLE is set to launch its official trailer tomorrow Read More
Published 8 months ago