Sony to offer ‘clean’ versions of films for ‘wider audience'

Stand back: this ain’t going to go down well. Sony is to be the first major studio – in the US so far – to authorise the release of ‘clean version’ takes on its films. That is, the versions of movies that are often seen on broadcast television or airlines, with some of the more adult stuff taken out. Things that tend to have been chopped back include cussing, fruity stuff and a few punches.

Such cut back versions of films have never really been made available to buy as commercial releases, but thanks to an initiative called CleanVersionMovies, tidied up versions of an assortment of films will be made available – alongside the original cuts – on the likes of iTunes for purchase. There’s no extra charge as things stand, and these cuts will be available as an extra with the current release.

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Published at June 07, 2017

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