Saris kittens in kedi

Cats on Camera: How to Shoot Feral Felines and Make Them Into Stars, According to the Director of ‘Kedi’

You can't make a cat do anything, but the "Kedi" filmmaker managed to build an entire documentary feature around her fickle stars. Read More
Published 18 days ago
Scarface 618x412

Coen Brothers to Bring Back ‘Scarface’ in 2018

Universal will release the remake as a summer flick Read More
Published 18 days ago

Jurassic World 2 adds Ted Levine to its cast

Buffalo Bill will be in the thick of some serious dinosaur action, as Ted Levine joins the forthcoming sequel... Read More
Published 18 days ago
Cow uo.0

This year’s Call of Duty will go ‘back to its roots’

Is a return to World War II really happening? Read More
Published 18 days ago
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E3 tickets on sale to the public this year

Tickets cost $149 or $249 for three days Read More
Published 19 days ago

Putting the film back into films

Most movies aren't shot on film any more, and even the ones they are tend to be projected digitally. So: is film dead? Read More
Published 20 days ago

‘Star Wars’ Parody Film in Development From ‘Scary Movie’ Team

“Star Worlds Episode XXXIVE=MC2: The Force Awakens The Last Jedi Who Went Rogue" is expected to start shooting in the fall Read More
Published 20 days ago

Black, White and Read All Over S4E152

Weekly preview/review of upcoming select titles in comic books with Victor Dandridge, Jr. and Ryan Seymore. Read More
Published 20 days ago
Nintendoswitch hardware2.0.0

Nintendo’s optimistic about winning third parties over to Switch

With the tech in place, the company plans to avoid what sunk the Wii U Read More
Published 20 days ago
3079376 deathstranding screen ps4 005 1465877395

Kojima Says Death Stranding Is For PS4, Not PS5; Talks Possible Sequel And More

Hideo Kojima shares new details on Death Stranding. Read More
Published 22 days ago