New Millarworld book announced this Thursday

Mark Millar, the comic book writer behind Kick-Ass, Kingsman: The Secret Service, Starlight and Nemesis — the latter two already in development as movie projects — has a new project about to be announced, but he's not saying what it is just yet.

A teaser image for Huck was debuted at Friday, bearing the series logo and the tagline, "Not a genius, not a billionaire, not a playboy, not a rocket scientist." But just because we know what Huck isn't doesn't mean that we have a clue about what he — assuming it even is a he — actually will turn out to be.

In a post on his message board last month, Millar teased the series, writing: "Out of everything I'm doing I've found Huck the easiest. It's probably the best thing I've ever done. My agent is going nuts for it and wants to hook me up with the movie deal now, but I want to get the book finished next week before I even think about it." Calling the series a labor of love, Millar described the art for the first issue as "literally sumptuous," adding, "I showed this to my sister and she burst into tears."

Details about the series — and a six page preview of the first issue — are to be released at next week's Image Expo in San Francisco.

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Published at June 30, 2015

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