What a lovely night last night. We had our Scottish charity premiere for Kingsman: The Secret Service and, despite a massive computer glitch that seemed to make buying online close to impossible, 210 hardy souls made their way in and got their bums on seats for the preview screening of the movie. The money raised is going to fund school trips for kids at my old school and, as I said in my wee talk before, the price of the seat is approximately the price to send one kid to the pantomime at Christmas so between this, the money we already had in the account and the money from the MPH auction last week there's around £5,000 in total... enough to fund tickets, buses, snacks and school prizes for 2015 and 2016 entirely, which we're all really pleased about.


The next charity premieres will most likely be early 2017 when we should have 2-3 Millarworld movies launching in the same year so it's nice we have enough cash to keep things ticking along until then. Huge thanks to everyone who came along and especially the friends who brought along groups to make sure as many seats as possible were filled here. Thanks too to Cineworld Glasgow who's IT department may have left them down, but who's staff at the cinema couldn't have been more helpful or generous as usual.


Also big congrats to JIGGY CRUZ, a friend of mine from Manila who won the MPH auction. Baseball, as readers will know, has remained unchristened through the series and his name has been left blank for this very reason and I remember when I met Jiggy three years back telling him that he had maybe the greatest name in human history and I had to get it in a comic somehow. Well, here we are and he's paid over a thousand dollars to our charity fund for the honour, which is win-win for everybody.


Right, back to work. Movie out this week, writing to be done, tea to make. Many thanks to everyone as usual for all their generosity and kind words.




Published at January 27, 2015

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