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One of the things I’ve found works best in life is connecting people. As soon as creators get together a little magic happens and this applies to business too. Everybody always has something to learn and the Internet has revolutionised my career, putting me in touch with writers, artists, film-makers and retailers right across the globe.

We’ve been thinking for a long time about creating a unique space for the international comic-book retailing community and we’re launching it right now on Millarworld. Everyone here will be familiar with comic-book forums and they’re an excellent way of having proper conversations. Twitter and Facebook have their place, but not really conducive to useful chat and we thought an element of privacy might be important too. What’s selling in your store, what’s not, how you can improve your business, how you can reach a bigger audience and all the things retailers talk about when they get together could have an international arena here and that’s what we wanted to provide.

Community has always been a big part of comic-books and a place where retailers can just hang out and talk shop or just gossip or network seems like a logical idea. In fact, it’s amazing it hasn’t existed before now.

Anyone browsing the Millarworld site won’t be able to access or even SEE this VIP forum, but add your name and store details in this thread as proof of identification and a Millarworld moderator will be in touch with your VIP access code. This will entitle you to access to the forum and exclusive materials not yet released to the general public.

As many staff as you like per store can have accounts too. The idea is to quickly create a thriving community here and somewhere we can all hang out in the quiet patches.

Hope to see you there.


Published at October 23, 2015

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