Mark Millar would like Chris Pratt and Chris Hemsworth to star in the Chrononauts adaptation

Mark Millar is quite the comic genius. Though by comic I’m not referring to the person whose jokes you laugh at, but more in the vein of his comic book creations. If his name doesn’t sound familiar, his catalogue most certainly will as he is the writer or co-writer behind several big comic book properties that have been adapted to film recently, including Wanted, Kick-Ass, Kingsman: A Secret Service and the Civil War Marvel event which Captain America: Civil War is based on.

The talented writer is at it again, with another comic of his that is set to be adapted to cinema titled Chrononauts. The comic book is pretty much about exactly what its title suggests: time travelers. The comic books represent a bromance of sorts though between its lead characters and so if the studios are looking to make a strong adaptation to the big screen, then the casting of these leads will prove vital.

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Published at April 20, 2017

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