Mark Millar talks upcoming Jupiter's Circle series

Mark Millar has been one of the biggest names in the comic book industry since the dawn of the new millennium, and his Millarworld imprint is one of the most successful entities in the business. Not one to rest on his laurels, Millar has continued to recruit some of the most talented artists currently working, and over the past year he has turned out some of his most impressive work to date. WithKingsman: The Secret Service proving to be a hit movie, his runs on Starlight, andMPH recently coming to an end, and countless behind the scenes maneuverings, Millar is one of the busiest men around. With two new Millarworld books inChrononauts and Jupiter’s Circle being released over the next month, the man behind Millarworld took some time to talk about these new projects with Comicosity’s own John Ernenputsch. Read the interview here

Published at March 25, 2015

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