Mark Millar launches global treasure hunt for Jupiter's Legacy 2

Comic writer Mark Millar is to launch a global treasure hunt for fans desperate to get their hands on his new series, burying advance copies in secret locations across four continents.

Glaswegian Millar has teamed up with artist and fellow Scot Frank Quitely for the series Jupiter’s Legacy 2, which is due out from US publisher Image at the end of June. But starting on 22 June, Millar will leave clues on social media and hisMillarworld website as to the location of 10 copies of the first issue of the comic.

Announcing the competition, Millar said: “I hate to sound like the serial killer from Dirty Harry, but we’ve buried 10 advance previews of Jupiter’s Legacy 2around the world and the clock is ticking to find them.”

Those who find the comics, hidden in the UK, Ireland, the US, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Asia and Russia, will not only get their copy before everyone else but will also be sent signed copies and an original and personalised sketch by Quitely.

Millar told the Guardian: “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was my big inspiration, to be honest. I was watching the Gene Wilder film recently with my kids and remembered how much I wanted to see something like that in real life. A big global treasure hunt.”

A network of contacts across the world has helped to hide the comics, he explained. “The interesting thing about being a writer is you build up a global following and through that an international group of friends. I’ve toured Asia and Australia and eastern Europe and so on as well as the more obvious places like Los Angeles and New York so I’ve called on the help of friends from all across the world to help make this happen.”

Millar will put on the internet pictures of the locations or landmarks nearby. “The random nature of this is what’s going to make it a lot of fun and I love the idea of firing a starting pistol and every reader who recognises the landmark making a break for it to be first there,” he said. “They’re all going to be accessible, but for some you’re going to need a shovel, for others you’re going to need waders or, at the very least, wellies. Others you’re going to have to climb. It’s going to be great.”

Jupiter’s Legacy is the story of a pantheon of superheroes whose children rebel against the utopia they have created on Earth – and has already been optioned for the big screen alongside Millar’s other adapted works such as Kingsman and Kick-Ass.

“This was the most ambitious story I’ve ever tried,” said Millar. “I was sitting having lunch with a friend of mine, Lorenzo di Bonaventura, who’s the mega-producer behind the Transformers pictures, and as soon as I told him about it he just pounced on it, saying he was having it. He wants to turn this into a big franchise and the screenwriters are beavering away on it right now.

His own focus has been entirely on creating the comic itself, he said. “I spent two months with a whiteboard and some post-it notes just working out the backstory of this vast universe of characters because I needed to know everything before I wrote a single line of dialogue. The concept is pretty universal. It’s about the children of the world’s two greatest superheroes not quite living up to the expectations of their parents and what that means for the world.

“Kids relate to the siblings, living in the shadow of their incredible parents and adults relate to the concerned mother and father. You can’t go wrong with a big family drama. I wanted to do something very grand and Shakespearean, the notion of a son raging against his father and wanting to do things very differently.

“The hero, as in so many of my stories, is the girl … trying to hold the whole thing together, coming back to avenge her parents after her brother murdered them and took over America. It’s pretty intense and a dream project for me. People seem to dig it, which is really great. We’ve got high hopes for this.”

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Published at June 01, 2016

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