Mark Millar becomes editor-in-chief of Comic Box #100

Next month will appear Comic Box # 100 ( "  18 years in the making "). It was appropriate to mark the occasion with the help of some accomplices whose names we will in the coming weeks. And here the first surprise: We knew longtime writer Mark Millar(Jupiter's Legacy, Kick Ass, Kingsman - Secret Service, Chrononauts, MPH, Starlight, Huck, Empress, Ultimates, Civil War and a ton of other series ...) and, again, he answered our questions about his new projects. But above all, in the process, he also agreed to become editor in chief of this issue, taking his role very seriously and participating in the development of this outstanding summary. A recruit of choice! And as we did not stop there, it will not be the only highlight of Comic Box # 100 ! Subsequently, very quickly ... # comicbox100

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Comic Box # 100 will be on sale at newsstands and comic shops available in mid-April 2016 

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MARK MILLAR became the editor-in-chief COMIC BOX

Published at March 16, 2016

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