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Advance Review – Jupiter’s Legacy 2 #1 (Image Comics)


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Publisher: Image Comics
Author: Mark Millar
Artist: Frank Quitely
Release Date: 29th June 2016

It’s been a long wait (fortunately we have had Jupiter’s Circle to keep us occupied) but finally the second arc of Legacy is with us. And, I am pleased to report that it most definitely doesn’t disappoint.

The first arc of Legacy is a masterclass in brilliant storytelling from Millar accompanied by some truly stellar art work from Quitely, the latter providing two of the most harrowing death scenes I’ve ever seen in a comic. The children of the superheroes (from Circle) don’t want to be like their parents. They want wealth and popularity and to save the world in ways far removed from the original superheroes. A coup is staged and they take over America forcing their ideas upon a nation that never wanted them. Things begin to deteriorate pretty quickly and the effects are felt around the world.

One superhero has escaped, though. Chloe is the daughter of the murdered Utopian and along with her boyfriend Hutch and eight year old son Jason, she isn’t about to go quietly into the night. Hell no! Instead, they are going to seek out all the Super criminals and join forces against the Superheroes.

Legacy 2 opens with a throwback scene to 1991 showing us how Hutch came to own his power rod. It’s a really touching scene where he meets his father, Skyfox, a member of the old guard. Hutch doesn’t have any of his father’s superpowers yet, but in an excellent McGyver-type moment, Skyfox makes him a power rod just like his favourite superhero, Blue Bolt (I love that his own father isn’t even his favourite superhero). Skip forward to the year 2020 and we find Chloe, Hutch and Jason chasing down Super criminals around the world and convincing them to join their group against the Superheroes.

On the other side of the coin is Chloe’s arrogant and foolish brother Brandon who is being used as the face of the new government by Walter, brother of the fallen Utopian and all round giant asshole. I don’t know about you but I can’t wait until Walter gets his (for want of a better phrase) boot in the balls. Standing in a Supermax prison for so-called super criminals, they don’t seem quite as confident as they did in Legacy 1 when they discover Chloe’s plan.

Legacy 2 seamlessly picks up from the end of the first arc, and also manages to thread in Circle. It is an amazing feat by Millar. The story hasn’t lost any of it’s momentum, and you feel instantly invested in these characters and really find yourself rooting for them. It’s a proper bad guys versus good guys story, and I absolutely love it. It probably goes without saying at this point, but Quitely’s artwork is truly outstanding as usual. There’s definitely a reason that he’s frequently in the discussion of the all-time greatest comic artists.

Millar and Quitely are obviously an excellent team and the synergy between them shines through in this comic. Sometimes when a series starts a new arc there can be a worry that it might have lost some of the magic that kept you interested in the first place. Not so with Legacy 2. It’s simply a great story, well told.

Rating: A hands down 5/5. For more visit BigComicPage

Jupiter's Legacy 2 #1  
Written by Mark Millar and Illustrated by Frank Quietly
Published by Image Comics

Finally! Another good book! I loved the first Jupiter's Legacy. Well written and illustrated. This one follows suit.

If you are a fan of the first series, you're in for a treat. The second one is fantastic through and through. I didn't even mind waiting for it. This is the real deal.
Superhero offspring Hutch and Chloe have come out of hiding with son Jason to assemble a team of super crooks from around the globe.

Millar has a formula. You can see it plain as day. Sometimes it's pretty obvious and I get bored.

Here though, it works. He writes a deep tale filled with action and emotion. It's wonderful. Quietly is one of the best artists still working. The book is incredible. I'm glad it's out there.
This is one of Millar's best. a film will be coming on down the line. Pick this book up now so you can get in on the ground floor. You won't regret it.

Rating: A-

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By Mark Millar, Frank Quietly, Peter Doherty and Sunny Gho

Powerhouse collaborators Mark Millar (Kick-Ass) and Frank Quietly (All-Star Superman) return with Jupiter’s Legacy 2, and so far it’s everything readers and critics praised the first time around. With the original series and a spin-off prequel series already in print, this new arc has a strong foundation with fully fleshed out back-stories. Even still, the first issue stands as a fine jumping on point for new readers, with a clear and legible ongoing story. All the same, it’ll likely make you want to go back and read everything that has come to pass. A strong foundation makes new stories possible, while knowing the elements of that foundation make new stories that much more entertaining.

Simply put, Jupiter’s Legacy is about superheroes and their children. Stories depicting familial struggles, especially generational ones, which rely on past events to nurture the appeal of present day storylines, could be considered the mark of a soap opera. Though Jupiter’s Legacy may technically be a melodrama, it is first and foremost a book about superheroes. In an industry brimming over with superhero books, it’s a bold, and potentially risky move to introduce an all-new universe. The addition of family legacy only strengthens the unavoidable tropes of the superhero genre, while characters with extraordinary powers make the story more than just a soap opera. The culminating result is a wholly original story, one that plays off of classic tropes as much as it builds on them with a fresh ingredient: the American ideal. In Volume One the younger, resentful generation of superpowers stage a coup, murder their elders, and take over the country. Volume Two focuses on one escaped hero attempting to gather super-criminals in order to regain the upper hand.

In Jupiter’s Legacy 2 #1 Millar and Quietly continue to examine the moral complexities and consequences that occur when superheroes decide to “save the day” by addressing issues as social realism. How much power is too much power? Who should hold the majority of power? What do you do with that power? In a story like this, the answers to those questions blur the lines between right and wrong and good and evil. Add in the fact that family dynamics affected by generational superiority complexes aren’t, at least in principle, that different from political regime changes, and you’ve got an intriguing story with lasting potential. Leave it to Mark Millar to further enhance that intrigue with every issue by way of his usual gritty dialogue and brutal fight scenes.

Millar gives Frank Quietly – who seems to design comics by giving every single panel his full attention – a lot to work with. A silent moment where superheroes land in the front yard of a suburban residence is as compelling as a multi-panel action sequence. Quietly’s style is distinctly unmatched and has a nature as malleable as clay without sacrificing a sense of movement. Despite using thin, delicate lines he is able to convey weight and dimension in his figures, with perfectly placed details that let us believe what stays in is as considered as what is left out.

Peter Doherty returns as well, providing lettering and design, while the remarkable Sunny Gho is on colors, and both bring a level of professionalism worthy of this book. Gho rounds out Quietly’s drawing with an appropriate amount of rendering that seems to pick up right where Quietly left off. In using color palettes that are as powerful as the story itself, Gho adds a brilliant textural layer, apparent in wide shots and close ups alike.

This book is a true collaboration and it shows that the creators are working from their favorite ideas and concepts. Each member of the creative team is responsible for the overall storytelling, and in this case we’re in good hands. Jupiter’s Legacy is back!

4 Star 
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Published at June 01, 2016

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