Jupiter's Circle is the Mad Men of Superhero Comics

Mark Millar swears his office looks like the home of a serial killer.

That's the risk you take when you take when creating the breathtaking world of superheroes in Jupiter's Legacy and its prequel, 

Jupiter's Circle.

"For about eight weeks, I literally worked out an entire lifespan of all the characters," he told Vox. "I had notes and posters all over the wall and a lot of doodles and drawings."

Legacy, which was first published in 2013 and closed the chapter on its first arc in January, is the product of Millar's grand design. With art from the legendary Frank Quitely, the book swirls with brooding magnificence, tracing a turbulent story of different superhero generations and the nightmare of what happens when kids betray their parents' wishes.

But that's just the front end of Millar's work. The back end — the logic, blood, and guts of his characters — was something only Millar (and ostensibly anyone who visited his home office) knew about. Until now.

Jupiter's Circle, due out on April 8, is the full realization of Millar's sophisticated scheme. It's the glitzy, golden backstory to Legacy's contemporary gloom and doom — a look at superheroes at their peak.

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Published at March 31, 2015

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