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Since I started reviewing comics – in fact, even before I started reviewing comics – I held Moore & Gibbons’ Watchmen as the standard for a perfect 10 score. Watchmen is known for breaking down the superhero mythos. Its secondary colors take the gloss off the world of costumed heroes, and the story indicts them as maladjusted, greedy, or psychotic self-styled crusaders for justice. Jupiter’s Circle also peels back the veneer of the superhero, but in a much more delicate way. The reader is not faced with global destruction, existential abysses, mysterious murders, or other, abstract and fantastic obstacles, but rather real human crises of living secret lives and their consequences.

What Millar & Torres have put together here matches the quality and theme of Watchmen, but in a more immediate and relatable story framework.

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Published at April 08, 2015

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