Huck Interview with Mark Millar

Mark Millar may like America better than some of the country's own citizens, and all of his love for USA's heartland is being poured into his small town superhero epic "Huck."

Created with "American Vampire" artist Rafael Albuquerque, the November-launching Image Comics series centers on the title character, a hulking-yet-gentle man, whose magnificent powers make him the secret hero of a sleepy Midwestern town. But while the six-issue series appears to have much in common with Millar's previous Millarworld books -- from an A-list artist poached from the Big Two, to a Hollywood deal already set up before issue #1 arrives -- the writer promises "Huck" is a unique entry in his ever-growing comic book catalogue.

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Millar spoke with CBR about how "Huck" goes from the small story of a man who does good deeds to a massive super epic, all without donning capes and tights. He also explains why his first issue cliffhanger is the wave of the future for Millarworld and says that Channing Tatum is his dream star for the eventual big screen adaptation.

Check out the interview on CBR.

Published at October 23, 2015

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