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 "Just when you think you've seen every
corner of the superhero genre explored a hundred times over, here come Millar
and Quitely to remind you why you fell in love with capes in the first
place. A game changer!”
Robert Kirkman (The Walking Dead)

Legacy is an instant modern classic.  A wild, gorgeous, intimate epic, it
shows superheroes battling with politics and family, and ultimately facing the most deadly
enemy of all - the passing of time.”
Russell T Davies (Doctor Who)

celebrate the 29th June release of Jupiter’s Legacy 2 Millarworld
have teamed up with Comixology to offer the first volume of the series
completely FREE!!

 On Friday June 24th from
9.00am GMT for 24 hours only
the first five issues can be downloaded completely free, so everyone can experience this record-breaking epic
series without spending a cent! With breath-taking art from the legendary Frank Quitely, and a fast-paced
action-packed story by Mark Millar that
transcends time and generations, this is series is one you don’t want to miss. The link goes live tomorrow, and will be posted here, so come back for full details! 

 Jupiter’s Legacy sees Sheldon Sampson
and his friends find a mysterious island where super-powers are bestowed upon
them and they come back home to lead America through the rest of the 20th
century. But with the golden age of superheroes long since over and their
dreadful children in charge, Chloe and Brandon fall desperately short. America
is broken and only they can fix it. Do they dare solve the world’s problems and
go where no superhero has ever gone before?

In the first issue of Jupiter’s Legacy 2, out on June 29th the superhero
offspring Hutch and Chloe come out of hiding with son Jason to assemble a team
of super-crooks from around the globe.

Published at June 23, 2016

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