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First let me state for the record that time travel is my favorite form of science fiction. From Back to the Future to Time Cop and all the 12 Monkeys in-between, I have a soft spot for stories involving time travel. The first issue of Chrononauts set up the tech and introduced the characters, but didn’t do much to establish itself. But that’s what second issues are for as the story begins to open up.

At the end of the debut issue, Danny Reilly had traveled back to the year 1504 in search of his lost friend, Corbin Quinn. Reilly finds himself in the middle of a battle and immediately catches an arrow in the leg for his efforts. As the second issue opens we see that there is something strange going on in this medieval battle. For one, one of the armies is equipped with modern weapons such as gatling guns, bombs, and Huey helicopters. This allows for a quick slaughter, leading to Reilly’s even quicker capture. Next it turns out that the name “Danny Reilly” is known to his captors as their king’s lost companion, and thus they spare his life and throw him into a jeep to go meet his Royal Highness Doctor Quinn.

To Reilly it’s felt like only 40 minutes since the accident knocked his friend Corbin Quinn off course, stranding him in history. For Quinn its been 4 years and that has been more then long enough for him to fix his time-suit. Since that moment his has been using it, a lot. Quinn has set himself up like a king using weapons and technology from the “future” to defend his new city-kingdom. There is nothing left him in the present and he has no intention of returning back. In fact, he thinks it is in Reilly best interest to join him so he takes him on a tour through time, where no matter what time period they end up, Quinn is rich, famous, and powerful. He is even gotten to the point of having to establish a “bat-cave” to house his period costumes and track all the different women he is sleeping with throughout time. What happens next is why I think this promises to be a very enjoyable series; Reilly agrees with Quinn, switching off his tracker and the two best friends go off on a time travel bucket list road trip, consequences be damned.

They snap pics with the first mammal as it crawls out of sea, give birthday presents to a newborn baby Jesus, and “gamble” in the hey-day of Las Vegas, already knowing the winning bets. They are having a blast and they had better enjoy while they can because back in the present, the team has discovered an alternative tracking method for the rogue time travelers. They can follow the unique energy signature of the time-suits’ batteries. Mannix has assembled his troops and they are locked and loaded and going after Quinn and Reilly.

This is shaping up to be my favorite new series from Image Comics. I really enjoy the grown-up Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure with Ph. D.s feel that co-creators Mark Millar (Civil War, Kick Ass) and Sean Murphy (The Wake, PUNK ROCK JESUS) have taken to this already well-explored genre and bringing back the fun, including a Top Gun inspired variant cover.

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Published at April 16, 2015

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