Do a Good Deed Today and get a signed copy of Huck #1

This is a brilliant idea from Diamond UK where they're selecting ten of their Twitter followers and sending them a free copy of Huck #1 today. Just because it's a nice thing to do. I love the idea as it's totally in keeping with the idea behind the book. Their Twitter address is @PreviewsUK.

This inspired me to do something similar here and so I'm going to give away TEN SIGNED COPIES of Huck #1 to the people who do the best deed today. I'll judge this at 9am UK time tomorrow morning when I'm at my desk again, but over the next 24 hrs try to do something especially nice, post it and the ten best ones get free signed comics delivered straight to their door.

Good luck!


Enter on the forums here 

Published at November 18, 2015

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