Writer Mark Millar avoids the urge to send both the characters and the reader back to the time of dinosaurs in "Chrononauts" #1, playing more to artist Sean Murphy's strengths instead. Likewise, Murphy brings plenty of gritty details, solid storytelling and bold, dynamic opportunities for his colorist, Matt Hollingsworth. With each playing to the strengths of the next, "Chrononauts" #1 showcases the talents of each contributor but also becomes a magnificent display of the possibilities inherent in successful collaboration.

The series opens at an archeological site for a temple that predates Stonehenge by six thousand years. This is where Millar introduces readers to Corbin Quinn by letting them in on the fact that the discovered object within is certainly not six thousand years old. The mystery of how the object got there and its connection to other anomalies Quinn has happened upon is established fairly early in "Chrononauts"# 1, right around the time that Millar introduces readers to Quinn's brother-in-arms, Danny Reilly.

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Published at February 24, 2015

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