Black, White and Read All Over S4E193

S4 E193 “3 Minutes Till Doomsday” Episode
Weekly preview/review of upcoming select titles in comic books with Victor Dandridge, Jr. and Ryan Seymore. In this episode: Riverdale #8 (1:35), Jimmy's Bastards #5 (3:23), Thanos #13 (5:56)and Book of the Week: Doomsday Clock #1 (10:43)!

Ryan gives an honorable mention to Void Trip #1 (15:03).

Victor gives a dishonorable mention to The Shadow #4 (16:08).

Both guys give honorable mention to Imaginary Fiends #1 (17:30)!

Victor is President and EIC of Vantage: InHouse Productions and Ryan is Owner of Comic Town.

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Published at November 22, 2017

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