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Kingsman 2 May Start Filming in Spring 2016

Matthew Vaughn’s action-filled spy movie Kingsman: The Secret Service was one of the biggest surprise hits of this year. Read More
Published about 3 hours ago
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‘Transformers’ Rolls Out Movie Plans for the Next 10 Years

10. That’s the number of years we have left in the Transformers franchise…for now. Read More
Published about 3 hours ago

'Halo 5' And 'Destiny' Will Get Split-Screen Through A Magical New Device

A new device has the potential to bring split-screen back whether developers like it or not. Read More
Published about 24 hours ago
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Previews for All-New All-Different Marvel #1's

Check out previews for Invincible Iron Man #1, Doctor Strange #1 and Amazing Spider-Man #1. Read More
Published 1 day ago
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First Image From The New Bridget Jones

Renée Zellweger gets technical Read More
Published 2 days ago

Ghostbusters animation rumoured to be in the works at Sony

Ivan Reitman, director of the original film, is said to be part of the production team involved in the third remake of the cult comedy Ghostbusters, 1984 Read More
Published 2 days ago
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Guess Who the Creative Team Is on Marvel's New Black Widow Comic?

Marvel announces "Black Widow" from entire "Daredevil" team. Read More
Published 2 days ago

Uncovering the True Origins of the Fallout Series

"Wasteland is the Fallout series' true origins. And not just spiritually: Fallout literally exists because Fargo could not get the rights to the Wasteland name from EA, who originally published it, so he had to come up with something else." Read More
Published 2 days ago
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DC Teases DK3 Interior Art

DC teases "Dark Knight III: The Master Race" interior art. Read More
Published 2 days ago
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Is the New Star Wars Trilogy Still About the Skywalkers?

Lucasfilm confirms new 'Star Wars' trilogy continues the Skywalker family 'Saga'. Read More
Published 2 days ago