Deadpool to Power Rangers: comic-book movies' new irreverence

Gloriously off-message and packed full of punky insouciance, the current crop of superhero films suggests we’re entering an era in which even the silliest of source material can shine Read More
Published about 14 hours ago
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A Ridiculously Comprehensive Survival Game

No Man's Sky better hurry up because the competition is gathering strength. Read More
Published 1 day ago

Gone to the wall – why modern movie posters are dreadful

From The Third Man to Pulp Fiction, a good film poster can be as much a work of art as the movie it is selling. So why are so many modern posters drab and uninspiring? Read More
Published 3 days ago

How the 'Deadpool' movie's R-rating will separate it from other superhero movies

Deadpool is a reckless and possibly insane super-assassin with an evolved form of Wolverine's healing ability. Is that enough to set him apart from the multiple Marvel and DC superhero movies taking over theaters?  Read More
Published 3 days ago

Black, White and Read All Over S2E100

Weekly preview/review of upcoming select titles in comic books with Victor Dandridge, Jr. and Ryan Seymore. Read More
Published 3 days ago

Hollywood is stuck in a bubble of expanded movie universes. It's time for it to pop.

From the Marvel movies to Star Wars to Fast & Furious, never-ending franchises are a recipe for creative stagnation. Read More
Published 4 days ago

6 Hulk Stories That Deserve a Movie More Than Planet Hulk

Why are people obsessed with Planet Hulk getting a movie, when there are other, more appropriate Hulk stories available? Read More
Published 4 days ago
Ghostbusters 2016 image 003

5 New Ghostbusters Movie Photos Released

While we await the first trailer for the new Ghostbusters movie, Sony Pictures has released five more photos from the July 15 release Read More
Published 4 days ago

Pope Francis to make movie debut playing himself in children's gospel film

The pope will be the first pontiff to appear in a feature film – though Vatican forewarns ‘he is not an actor’ Read More
Published 5 days ago